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UFI statement on US travel ban


Paris, 1 February 2017 – U.S. President Donald J. Trump has issued an order to temporarily ban  visitors from seven countries from entering the United States. On this matter UFI, as the Global  Association for the Exhibition Industry, states:

Latest UFI research shows that more than half of the companies in the US exhibition industry are  expecting a negative impact from recent political developments in the world, including the outcome of  the U.S. presidential elections. This endangers the recent solid growth of the U.S. exhibition industry.

Dr. Andreas Gruchow, UFI President, comments: “International exhibitions rely on the free exchange of goods and ideas, and on business people from all around the world having access to these unique market places. Most leading exhibition markets aim to become ever more international to serve these needs, and to grow as businesses. As countless impact studies show, this growth hugely benefits local, regional, and national economies, who benefit from the direct busine ss that exhibitors and  attendees bring to town. Exhibitions are not only good businesses – they are also an enormous  catalyst for economic growth.

Dr. Gruchow continues: “As the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI is always promoting free exchange of ideas and travel for mutual benefit. As an industry, we are representing billions of Euro in direct and indirect economic investments. We call upon associations and businesses in our industry to also make their voices heard on this matter, and we stand ready to support them through activities like ‘Global Exhibitions Day’ on June 7.”

For more about the UFI research quoted above please contact us directly.

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